We make "Craft Rhum" in Laos,
it all made in Laos.

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About Laodi

Fertility of the Mekong River and technique of Japanese craftsmanship meet here in Laos to create unique and high quality pure sugarcane rum. LAODI Rum has complexity of fruit and scent of flower derived from the sugarcane grown in fertile continent, pure water provided from Tibet Mountains and unique distillery technology utilizing decompression with conventional open fire to avoid burnt taste and keep fresh flavor of pure sugarcane.LAODI loves the land, people and culture of developing Laos, and produces great pure sugarcane rum that you have never met.

As the wineries care about the quality of grape, LAODI has a culture to obsess over the quality of sugarcane. Laos locates in East Asia, the ancient origin of sugarcane, with more than 40% of world sugarcane production. Along the fertile Mekong River and under the blazing sun in Laos, LAODI owns our 12 hectare sugarcane field and produces organic sugarcane with rich sugar content.

Our Pure Sugarcane Rhum

LAODI crafts “Pure Sugarcane Rum” with fresh sugarcane, differentiating our products from 97% of world rum using molasses;sugarcane scrap from sugar production process.

LAODI ages this pure sugarcane rum in 2 different ways into Brown rum and White rum.

In addition, LAODI produces 6 different fruit"Marriage Rum" with Japanese plum and other 5 ingredients. These various “Marriage Rum” will bring you to the new rum-adventure in East Asia.


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