Pure Sugarcane Rhum

Every drop of LAODI Rum is sophisticated and is of the finest quality produced from the organic sugarcane from our own plantations.

There are both White Rum and Brown Rum. Our White Rum is aged naturally and our Brown Rum is aged with French Oak chips. Our micro-distillery is positioned in an area of South Asia which receives the

full strength of the sun’s rays which floods over our tropical country. The Distillery is cared for by local honest-hearted humble folk of Laos and receives the enlightened direction and support of Japanese vision and invention. This combination works together to successfully producethe fine natural handmade products of the LAODI Company.

White Rum

42% vol. 700ml

Fermented naturally, our signature White Rum has full-bodied taste with aroma of fruit.

Straight or On the rock recommended.

Color: clear

Nose: mint, touch of sweet honey

Palate: smooth, spicy, pineapple

Finish : medium sweet, clear finish with hint of basil

Brown Rum

42% vol. 700ml

Aged with French oak, our Brown Rum has full-bodied taste and rich flavor.

Straight or On the rock recommended.

Color: vintage teak

Nose: royal raisin,vanilla

Palate: honey, apricot

Finish : pineapple, smooth finish with hint of pepper

Fruit Marriage Rhum

Imagine the Marriage of Fruit and Rum!

Not a dream only but truly a delight resulting from the fusion of two good friends. These Marriages result from the compatible union of 5 wonderful fruits from Lao and Japan with our LAODI Rum. The LAODI Rum, produced from organically grown sugarcane grown on our plantations and meticulously harvested and fermented, is used as the ba Marriag This

LAODI fusion of friends is unique to LAODI and brings delight to the individual discerning palate of the connoisseur.

Our White Rum meets with 5 different fruit from Laos, which delivers the unique and amazing rum experience. On the rock recommended.

Plum Marriage

Plums grown on organic farms in the Xieng Khouang Province of Laos are fermented into this popular Plum Marriage Rum. This fresh crystal pink Rum is highly recommended. The combinations of mixes you can make is only limited by your imagination!

Coconut Marriage

Coconut Marriage can be mixed perfectly with pineapple, milk, yogurt, coke or other mixers to make your own delightful concoction.

Sugarcane Marriage

This sweet soft Rum is fermented from the pure sugarcane grown organically on our own LAODI plantations. Mix Sugarcane Marriage with soda, lime and fresh mint and throw over a few rocks of ice and enjoy with sweet cakes as an accompaniment!!

Passion Fruit Marriage

Organically grown in the south of Laos in the Champassak Province, this sweet and sharp fusion has a rich aroma and distinctly reflects the independent spirit of the South of Lao. Good to mix with mango, pineapple and other fruits and can be thrown over chunks of ice.

Coffee Marriage

This finest Lao roasted coffee grown on the Bolavens plateau in the south of Laos has a rich flavor and will excite the discerning connoisseur’s taste buds. Mix with milk and drink on the rocks or just as is.

UME Marriage Rhum

The Marriage of three nations with the UME Japanese plum planted and harvested in the mountains of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand at 1300 meters.

LAODI in the heart of Laos ferments this unique plum with our pure

sugarcane rum to make our very special UME Marriage Rum. Drink on the rocks,straight or mix with soda. The exquisite aroma and taste of UME Marriage Rum is a one off experience but hopefully one you will be able to repeat and enjoy many times!

Ume Marriage

23% vol. 700ml , 200ml , 50ml

Japanese traditional plum wine is produced with LAODI white rum and Japanese plum; Ume. On the rock, mixed with soda or straight recommended.